Why do they choose us

Why do they choose us

We believe that the best advertising is the real measurable results. We consider that the most objective judgement is the verdict of the users. To support this belief we present the statistics and the abstracts from our students comments.


1. When reading advertising of SmartEnglishOnline I liked the honest approach. They respected people’s intellect and didn’t promise the wonders. They opened “secrets” and possible ways to the success. Instead of the promotion tricks I could see the real statistics of the real people results. I had an opportunity to control my own progress along the whole course. (…)

2. I have chosen SmartEnglishOnline because it is reliable. I have received really efficient training for English Cambridge: First – the most prestigious and acknowledged B2 level exam in the world. The training included the most advanced training technologies based on the long term serious researches in human memory and thinking regularities. (…)

3. I like SmartEnglishOnline because this training course is realistic. It considered my personal reality. The curriculum was developed on the bases of my personal senses, aims and individual experience. It is incredible but even the level of my neurons net was considered and developed. The result was not a pure theory but real speech actions providing my efficient communication. (…)

4. I am very busy and the reason why I have chosen SmartEnglishOnline is explained by its optimal. The course opened the shortest way to the final goal by means that were available for me. The actions and the whole subject were organized as a very convenient system for memorizing that had anything unnecessary. There were presented only means, objects and links that were really needed for understanding. (…)

5. I believe that SmartEnglishOnline is efficient enough to provide knowledge for the rest of my life. This belief is based on the fact that this course integrates new knowledges into my neurons net as the new objects and links. These knowledges were automized to the level of practical skills by means of my internal actions stage development. (…)

6. SmartEnglishOnline is very convenient because I had chance to choose the time, the place, the mode of work and the support that were suitable for me. I myself managed my motion ahead to the final goal getting stage by stage access to the training materials depending on the evaluation results of my own progress. (…)

7. I consider that the key advantage of SmartEnglishOnline is its facility. It is teachable and reachable by everybody due to the stage by stage development if internal mind actions. Every step is understandable within the system where the aim is gradually transformed into the means, i.e. the result of the previous action becomes the means of the next action realization. That is the most optimal way of skills formation. (…)

8. For me SmartEnglishOnline was interesting not only because it gave me an opportunity of approaching the other culture but also allowed me understanding myself. It is a matter of common knowledge that the most interesting for a human being is the human being. The course provided not only subject knowledge but also the knowledge of myself, my own senses, aims, cognitive schemes that reflect my neurons net. (…)

9. The most attractive feature of SmartEnglishOnline for me is that it is adultly presented. The course introduces WHAT, WHY and HOW to do as well as what is worth to expect as a result. I myself made decision how often and how much to work. The logical result of my decision making was my responsibility. The course expert and e-tutors only prevented me about the consequences. (…)

10. I was limited with financial resources that is why saving that was possible within SmartEnglishOnline was important. The course was very flexible as developing my curriculum based on my own needs and resources. I paid for the training that was necessary for me personally. The savings depended on the efficiency of my own work that allowed shortening the curriculum without loosing its quality. (…)

11. SmartEnglishOnline is a unique course that has no analogue. It was simultaneously a breakthrough and a challenge for myself and for the system of education. I made my choice and took this challenge. I have won. Hope you can multiply this successful experience. (…)

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